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Possibilities: by Jan Stannard, Heal co-founder


Rewilding makes nature recovery possible: those five words are true but what does that mean? Here I paint a picture for you in a hundred words.

In a place where nature is in charge, magic happens.

The land begins to heal. Grasses grow long. The soil starts to brim with life.

Animals large and small are busy finding food. Some hunt, some nibble, some browse, some chew. Others rootle about, turning over the soil. Seeds drift in, settle on bare earth and flowers bloom. Jays bury nuts for winter. Baby trees spring up. Brambles blossom and feed hungry bees. Ants scurry, moths flutter, mice scuttle. Beetles trundle, butterflies swoop, foxes lope. Birds sing their hearts out. Beavers...beaver.

The air is bright and clear. Rain falls and runs out fresh and clean. Streams are full of life. The plants and trees capture carbon as they grow stronger. Chemicals no longer harm the land.

Within a generation, creatures galore fill this place that nature has reclaimed.

If making these possibilities real is something you care about too, please help us. Donate to The Heal Appeal to kickstart our second year: you can give now at Thank you.



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