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Become a Heal Somerset volunteer

We're so excited to have launched volunteering at Heal Somerset! Our volunteers will assist us with various practical activities such as wildlife surveys and land management projects. We plan to offer a variety of different volunteering activities and hope everyone will find something to their liking.

All volunteer activities will be held at our Heal Somerset site where you will have access to a toilet, a shared staff kitchen and an outdoor and/or indoor space for breaks and lunch. We have plans to develop our volunteer facilities to include a volunteer common room, kitchen and boot room in the future, but for now all facilities will be shared between Heal Somerset staff and volunteers.

If you'd like to become a Heal Somerset volunteer please sign up to our volunteer mailing list via the form below.

First, a little about you

Volunteer agreement

Please note that it is very important to us that all volunteers have read our Volunteer Agreement carefully and agree to act in accordance with it. Please do not tick this box without reading the agreement.

The GDPR stuff

Almost done...

Thank you - that's sent.​Check your inbox to ensure you received your confirmation email.

Other volunteering oportunities

We also endeavour to offer desk-based tasks for people that want to volunteer but can’t access the site or are less physically able but still want to help. To find out more about these opportunities click here.

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