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The Heal Somerset campsite is in a field in the heart of the site with glorious views. It’s a very basic set up, with a mains water tap and a compost loo, and very close to a wild camping experience.


For the benefit of the wildlife here, dogs aren't allowed on site (unless they are assistance dogs), except on the two stretches of footpath which cross two areas.


An area of the field has been mown for the camping and there are no numbered pitches – you will be able to choose where you want to pitch your tent. 


The field is situated in the heart of the Heal Somerset site and well away from any buildings, to give you an experience of being in the midst of nature. The site is in a very quiet rural area but we want to make visitors aware that there is a train line which runs along the valley, with trains passing through from time to time. We support train travel as a means of transport and the sound of the trains is brief, so we hope you embrace their passing by, as we do. Train lines are also great wildlife corridors!


Once here, you will be able to walk around the part of the site which now has mown paths and see how the land is responding already. Although the site has only just begun its recovery, we are seeing more and more wildlife every day so hopefully you will too. Visit our gallery to see what the site is like.

How to book:

You can book to stay at Heal Somerset through CampWild, which is an online platform that brings together a range of 'wild camping' spots for its members to book and access. 

To access our campsite, and many others, you'll have to sign up as a CampWild member which costs £20 per year. Once you've done that, you'll be able to see our page and book to stay with us which costs £25 per night per membership and you can come with up to 6 people. 

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