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These are individuals or organisations who've given us the benefit of their knowledge and experience as we've been planning and have offered to continue to do that:

Rewilding: Rewilding Britain

Rewilding: Ivan de Klee, Knepp Estate

Rewilding: Alasdair Cameron, Godney Marshes project

Young rewilders: Heal Future Panel

Ecology: Sarah Muddell

Ecology: Stephen Foot

Trees: Ted Green MBE

Plants: Trevor Dines

Livestock management: Vinnie McCann

Naturalist: Martin Woolner

Bees: Ed Straw

Birds: Brian Clews

Mammals: Damian Carter

Freshwater habitats: Jeremy Biggs, Freshwater Habitats Trust

Ecosystem carbon: Chris Taylor

Climate change: Fiona Hewer

Nature-friendly farming: Martin Lines

Regenerative farming: Chris Jones

Information compliance: Ceridwen Lee

Charity governance: Lynn Petersen, former CEO, British Horse Society

Branding: Adrian Metcalfe, Fruit Tree Design

PR and comms: Susanna Beard

Propositions and engagement: Shân Millie

Corporate responsibility: Graham Precey, former Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Legal & General

Social media and tech: Paul Sergeant

Digital FX: Gordon Marshall

Film: Rob Evans

We'd also like to thank about 50 other people who have helped with feedback, advice, knowledge and ideas. You know who you are and we will always be grateful. We've also had countless messages of support as we've gone along which have kept us going. 

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