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Visit Heal Somerset

We're delighted to announce that the public access areas of Heal Somerset are now open. You can come and see how nature is beginning to bounce back in our Southern and Eastern Fields. There are mown paths to follow all over both areas.  

We also run tours, camping and events

Please note that Heal Somerset is in a quiet, rural location, with small and windy roads. With this in mind, we ask that you drive slowly and carefully on your way to and from our site. 

Key information

Lower West Barn Farm, Bindon Lane, Witham Friary, BA11 5HH

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Open 24/7, with staff on site 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

£3 a day, must be pre-booked here

No pets, service dogs are welcome

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Free entry, with a suggested voluntary donation of £5-£10


Travel information can be found here.


The site is not yet wheelchair friendly (we are working on this)


Portable toilets on site, no accessible toilets (we are working on this)


What to expect

When visiting, it's important to bear in mind that this site only began its recovery from its ecologically depleted state at the beginning of 2023, so coming here is about bearing witness and laying down memories of these initial years. Though it's not yet teeming with life, it's a beautiful, peaceful and restorative place to be, now waiting for wildlife to return in abundance.

The site is in a very quiet rural area but we want to make visitors aware that there is a train line which runs along the valley, with trains passing through from time to time. We support train travel as a means of transport and the sound of the trains is brief, so we hope you embrace their passing by, as we do. Train lines are also great wildlife corridors!



Available during the summer months

From £16 per night


2 hours long, covering 4km on mown paths

From £28 per person


Talks, workshops and more

What to wear/bring

We recommend that you wear sturdy shoes or walking boots suitable for rough, uneven ground and wellingtons in the winter or if the weather has been very wet in the days leading up to your visit. If the forecast is wet, bring a waterproof jacket.


To reduce the chance of ticks finding their way inside clothing (from March to October), we recommend long trousers tucked into socks. If the forecast is hot, it's best to wear layers including a light cotton shirt or t-shirt and please bring sun cream and potentially a hat.


We also recommend bringing a water bottle, preferably a reusable one. You will be able to top it up at the site.

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