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 Festive Gifts 

 The perfect gift for nature lovers 

Buy a Heal Festive Gift for a friend or a loved one, and they’ll become the sponsor of a Heal 3x3 square.

It's a meaningful, thoughtful present which will make the recipient feel good about helping nature and taking action on climate change.

Sponsor one or more Heal 3x3 squares of land 

Heal 3x3 hare_edited.jpg

From £20

Square sponsorship that lasts a lifetime - a very special gift



From £100

How it works

1. Choose your gift(s)

Purchase your festive gift(s) using the 'buy now' links above.

2. Tell us who the gift is for

Once your payment has processed, you'll be redirected to our gift form. Complete this to tell us:

  • The name(s) of the recipient(s)

  • An email address for the recipient(s)

  • A telephone number for the recipient(s)

  • Number of squares to be gifted per recipient


Please note that participants cannot share a square (minimum 1 square per person) - for more info see Heal 3x3 terms and conditions.

We'll also ask you to tell us which festive period the gift is for. This is to make sure that we email the recipient with confirmation of their gift after the special occasion (so we don't ruin the surprise!)

3. Select a gift certificate

Next, you'll be invited to choose from a lovely selection of festive gift certificates. 

4. Download, print and sign it

When you've found the perfect certificate, download, print and sign it ahead of the special occasion.

5. Sit back and relax!

You're now all set to give a wonderful, personal gift that helps nature and the climate. Heal will email the recipient(s) after the special occasion that you indicated on the gift form.

Need help?

If you need help, or have any questions, contact us by email.


If you have any special requests, you'll have the opportunity to tell us in the gift form that you'll be directed to immediately after payment.

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